Cloud Backups


RSV Solutions helps you address the complex data protection and disaster recovery requirements of today’s world. We provide comprehensive protection for both physical and virtual environments with high performance backups like cPanel backups, VMWare backups, Hyper-V backups, Disk Image backups, Exchange backups as well as file and folder backups with minimal system overhead which makes it the ideal solution for your environment.

This backup solution supports multiple cloud storage options, including Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and other.

RSV Solutions Key Benefits

  • Protect your important files or entire disk volumes
  • Full, incremental, block-level backups
  • VSS-based backup of Microsoft Exchange
  • Mailbox-level restore for Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • Full, differential, and transaction log backups for MS SQL Server
  • Bare-metal restore with USB flash drive
  • Restore to Hyper-V, VMware, or cloud instance (Amazon EC2, Azure VM, Google CE)
  • Secure data with 256-bit AES encryption
  • Reduce storage with data compression
  • Protect backups with ransomware detection

High Performance Backup

RSV Solutions backup system offers a cross-platform and high performance backup solution that protects your system, data, files and applications in both physical and virtual environments – all managed through a single pane of glass.

Single solution for all types of backups

RSV Solutions backup system can be your single solution for all your backup needs – may it be backing your Virtual Machines, Databases, Applications or files. There are no additional plugins or add-ons to install. It all just works out of the box.

Backs up changed blocks alone

Our technology makes sure that only changed blocks of the modified files are backed up during incremental backups.

Continue where it left off

Within a file backup, we keep track at the block level of data that has been already uploaded. In case of an interruption in the connectivity to the backup server, we automatically resumes its backup exactly from where it left off once the connectivity to the backup server is established.

Efficient file tracking

Uses Windows Directory Monitoring Service to keep track of the files that have been newly added or modified since the last backup. During the next incremental backup, it just reads these files and not the entire disk to identify what has to be backed up.

Backup open files

Uses Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to create a snapshot of files before backing up. we can therefore even backup files that are open by other applications. Also using the VSS service, we ensure that the files are in a consistent state during backup.

On-the-fly compression and encryption

File backup doesn’t copy the files to another location before backing up. We read the files, identify the changed blocks, compresses and encrypt the data on the fly making it very efficient.

No limit on the size of the file it can backup

Since we read the file and backs up directly to the backup server without first dumping it to another location, there is absolutely no restriction on the size of the file that it can backup,even when compression and encryption are enabled.

Automated multiple backup scheduling

Supports weekly, daily, hourly and continuous automatic scheduling of backups. The backup jobs can be configured to run one after the other or multiple jobs can be scheduled to run at the same time.

Synthetic Full Backups

Over a period of time, the amount of content that has changed in a file since its initial full backup could grow, making the incremental backups larger and larger. We can automatically limit the size of incremental by running a synthetic full backup of the file based on a user set limit. Thereafter, the incremental of the file will be only the changed data with respect to the last synthetic full and not with respect to the initial full backup of the file.

Flexible backup retention policies

Retention policies for the backup data can be configured based on the number of versions. Separate retention policies can be set for delete files and folders.

Backup network and NAS drives

We can backup files from any external drives – mapped network drives, NAS drives etc. As long as the user is able to access the files from any of these sources, we will also be able to back them up.

Backup Virtual Machines

RSV Solutions backup system can be installed in virtual machines running any of the supported OSes (Windows, Linux) to back up the data from the virtual machines. We can also backup the entire virtual machine in VMware.

Integrity Check

Data integrity checks make sure that the data is stored exactly as it left the source machine that is backed up. If the integrity check fails due to data corruption during the transfer of data, we make sure the data is retransmitted.